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LA Object and David Hammons Body Prints features assemblages by Los Angeles artists of the 1960s and 70s, and early work of the American sculptor David Hammons. This exhibition will showcase a broad overview of the LA assemblage movement of the 1960s and 70s, including the most important West Coast artists often seen as the core of this genre. LA Object and David Hammons Body Prints will seek to re-examine works by artists often left out of mainstream gallery and museum historical exhibitions. In particular, it will explore the important role of African American artists within this period. The exhibition features contributions by Ed Bereal, Wallace Berman, Nathaniel Bustion, Alonzo Davis, Dale Brockman Davis, Charles Dickson, Mel Edwards, David Hammons, George Herms, Daniel LaRue Johnson, Edward Kienholz, Masud Kordofan, Ron Miyashiro, Senga Nengudi, John Outterbridge, Noah Purifoy, Joe Ray, John Riddle, Roho, Betye Saar, Kenzi Shiokava, Timothy Washington, and La Monte Westmoreland.