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Sentinel, Jimmy Baker’s newest body of work, represents the next installment of paintings and audio that focus on the solvent nature of technology inferred on the landscape. Digitally mined from social media sites, these anonymous amateur photographs are woven together with unusual documents of military testing. The paintings embody a visible tension, a disassociative quality as each image betrays its own quietude with subtle but impossible focal anomalies, to strange supernatural blasts of light, and paranormal novas exploding across the picture-plane. The paintings are very smooth oil renderings with contrasting areas of soft blending and modeled brushwork, replete with glossy surfaces coated in pours of oil mediums. The analog of these handmade images to digitally manipulated ones creates a paradox that is central to Baker’s discussion of a post-digital world. Various audio clips have been captured, manipulated, and created to accompany the paintings as a spectre of fear and uncertainty. The audio is channeled through hypersonic speakers that were derived from military development to beam focused sonic waves like a searchlight.