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Daniel Joseph Martinez's “IF YOU DRINK HEMLOCK, I SHALL DRINK IT WITH YOU or A BEAUTIFUL DEATH; player to player, pimp to pimp. (As performed by the inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis de Sade)” is an immersive environment referencing Jacques-Louis David’s seminal portrait The Death of Marat (1793). Whereas David’s painting represents a single moment, Martinez’s interpretationis conceived as a mise en scène,constantly oscillating between past and present. Entering the gallery, the viewer is confronted by a pair of aluminum bleachers dividing the gallery space. Monitors depicting slow moving clouds are hung over each set, suggesting windows. In the space carved out between the bleachers are three life-like sculptures of Martinez as Marat, his assassin Charlotte Corday, and of the artist himself. A closer look reveals that while the figures are modeled after the artist’s own body, each appropriate the signifiers specific to their character: a knife; fresh wounds; a bathtub; a chore jacket. Confronting this hyper-awareness of the physical body is the fourth character, who appears in the deadpan recital of Corday’s monologues from Peter Weiss’s play “Marat/Sade”(1963) projected throughout the installation.