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Bliss is a group exhibition mounted in the 6150 Gallery Complex Domestic space. Interior walls of our own domestic spaces evoke ideals of comfort and security. Those same exterior walls have antithesis effect, touching on open space of the outside world. Resembling the shell of a happy home, Domestic encourages the visitor to observe its state, while questioning our own notions of domestic bliss. Each artist was invited to challenge the physical space by creating work that references the peaceable household - or, the lack thereof. Together, this medley of work hangs as a discussion of our differing notions of our private spaces.  Bliss features work of Serena Cole, Noah Davis, Jeremy Everett, Kyle Field, Amanda Kaplan, Uri Korn, Billy Kroft, Annie Lapin, Francine Lee, Amanda Lynch, Hilary Pecis, Ryan Pierce, Catherine Ryan, Sham Saenz, Casey Jex Smith, Zefrey Throwell, and Tracy Timmins.