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Zhao Zhao installation view, ladders

Zhao Zhao is a representative figure among the new generation of Chinese artists. He was named by Modern Painters as one of the ‘25 Artists to Watch in 2014’ worldwide. This exhibition is Zhao Zhao’s first large-scale exhibition in Macao, focusing on his artistic creations with cultural characteristics, hoping to present a new panorama of Chinese contemporary art in the Macao SAR, an East-meets-West city. By reconnecting the Chinese historical tradition across time and space, the contemporary reality and the ever-emerging artistic trends, Zhao Zhao tries to break the impossible boundary to create a unique artistic style and working method.
The exhibition features a selection of 82 pieces/sets of Zhao Zhao’s most important works from his artistic career spanning from 2006 to the present, including paintings, installations, sculptures and studies on ancient culture. The aim is to present imprints of civilisation left by the long-lasting ancient Chinese culture on today’s world by illustrating the relationship between ‘past and present’ and between ‘East and West’ in a more modern and accessible way of contemporary art.