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When You See Me: Visibility in Contemporary Art/History | Featuring Wangari Mathenge

Explore the complexities of visibility in our latest exhibition, When You See Me: Visibility in Contemporary Art/History. The exhibition aims to broaden and complicate official histories and their corresponding visual strategies to allow for richer representations of those who have been traditionally excluded or erased. When You See Me features nearly 60 works by a diverse, intergenerational group of 50 artists who contend with visibility both socially and formally. Their works explore invisibility, hypervisibility, the desire to be seen, and the right to be private. 

The multivocal nature of this show is reflected in its co-curation by the Museum’s entire Contemporary Art Department, which comprises Dr. Anna Katherine Brodbeck, Dr. Vivian Li, Ade Omotosho, and Veronica Myers.