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Sculptural textiles in Queens’ Socrates Park | Featuring Suchitra Mattai

By Terry Nguyen

Multidisciplinary artist Suchitra Mattai’s monumental woven tapestries will be on display at Socrates Sculpture Park throughout the summer. “We are nomads, we are dreamers” features newly commissioned works that explores themes of cultural transmigration and diasporic inheritance linked to Mattai’s Guyanese heritage. According to Mattai, her process is “not exactly weaving but an invented process … similar to embroidery,” as she told Artnet; she entwines vintage saris (some inherited from family members) with a mass of scarves, tassels, and other found fabrics into large vibrant tapestries, which she wraps around the base of large metal armature, whose stainless mirror surfaces are positioned to reflect the sky above; they range from 35 to 41 feet long. Opens May 11.


Photo by Anna Maria Zunino Noellert