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Spirit and Matter

This October, celebrate the diversity and beauty of plants and fungi with an inspiring new festival, Queer Nature. Step inside Kew’s iconic Temperate House to discover a large-scale suspended artwork and a horticultural installation which explore the amazing world of plants and fungi, particularly those that challenge traditional expectations. Hear from Kew scientists, horticulturists, writers and many more leading voices on their individual perspectives on queerness and nature. Plus watch out for plenty of weekend and After Hours events. 

In Queer Nature, New York based artist Jeffrey Gibson celebrates the beauty of plants and fungi with House of Spirits, an installation fusing vibrant colour and pattern. This large-scale, suspended artwork is intricately crafted to form a collage of printed fabrics, incorporating botanical illustrations alongside language and patterns informed by Gibson’s own perspectives on queerness, and the endless diversity of plants and nature.

Image: Detail from House of Spirits by Jeffrey Gibson (2023).