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Kehinde wiley

Kehinde Wiley's second annual charitable print to support Black Rock Senegal is now available. 

Ten years ago, Kehinde Wiley painted a series of portraits of Sharrod Hosten. This print, Sharrod Hosten Study III (2020) renders the model in three-quarter profile with his eyes turned directly toward the viewer. This classic pose references centuries-long practices in European portraiture which align masculinity with a strong gaze. Subverting traditional renderings of race and gender, Wiley adorns his subject with pink carnations and ladybugs, offering a profoundly delicate portrait of this young, Black man.

All net proceeds from the signed edition of 30 prints of Sharrod Hosten Study III (2020), each print including an artist’s frame, will benefit the Black Rock Senegal artist-in-residence program.

Named for the volcanic rocks that blanket its shoreline, Black Rock is a residency program created by renowned artist Kehinde Wiley which seeks to incite change in the global discourse around West Africa in the context of creative evolution. The residency brings together international artists to live and work in Dakar, Senegal for 1-3 month stays. The Black Rock compound design was conceived by Senegalese architect Abib Djenne with interior collaboration between Wiley, Fatiya Djenne, and Aissa Dione. The complex includes a residence and studio space for Wiley along with three single-occupancy residency apartments with adjacent studio spaces.