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Betye Saar | Under The Silver Moon

Betye Saar's Under The Silver Moon is featured on Flaunt Magazine's 25th anniversary cover. Saar’s site-specific installation Drifting Toward Twilight is on view now through November 2025 at The Huntington Library Botanical Gardens. When asked where was the most magical moon she's ever observed, Saar responded:

"Up at Yonderosa, my daughter’s desert ranch, there are many magical moons. The new moon that looks just like a sliver of a fingernail. Or the full moon that casts a shadow of the Joshua Trees almost like a flashlight. We all sit on the patio and watch the moon rise over the desert vista, as the sun sets behind us. Then sometimes I wake up early and see the sun rising as the moon slips behind the mountain. It’s always beautiful, and also a little humbling, to see nature do her thing."