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The Object Salon is part of a continuous thread of themed shows begun in 2011, curated and hosted by Calvin Marcus in the Cypress Park neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles. The curatorial premise of the two previous shows, The Cactus Painting Show and Nudes, was that each participant was invited to contribute a work that fit the set theme. The Object Salon re-imagines this idea through scale constraints.  The exhibition includes contributions by Catharine Ahearn, Edgar Bryan, JoshuaCallaghan, Andrew Cannon, SaraClendening, Liz Craft, Michael Decker, Rob Doran, Mari Eastman, Marten Elder + Heather Cleary, Cayetano Ferrer, Jamey Herman, Roger Herman, Michelle Kim, Claire Kohne, David Korty, Maxwell Krivitzky, Chris Lipomi, Calvin Marcus, Yunhee Min, Pentti Monkkonen, Donald Morgan, Davida Nemeroff, Mark Rodriguez, Justin Thomas Schaefer, Cole Shapiro,Nancy Stella Soto, Patrick Walsh and Eric Wesley.

Installation Views

The Object Salon