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Organized by Aaron Rose, Projections is a festival of rare and hard to see short and feature length films by 31 of the most influential filmmakers of our time. There are few things that move people as much as seeing a great film. As the organizer of this festival I use the term “film” loosely here as I do the word “festival”. Because in this context, I do not necessarily refer only to feature films. In fact some of the most inspiring films I’ve ever seen have been under five minutes long. Projections is a celebration of these types of works. While the focus of this collection is mostly on young filmmakers, I have also chosen to include some masters from the past who, for many reasons, have created things that have moved me in some way. Additionally, it is my hope that by removing all these films from their usual theatrical setting, and instead presenting them in an art gallery context, that people will perhaps look at them a little differently. Not just as entertainment, but as the works of true artists, who contribute greatly to the visual culture of our times.