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New Sculpture features a constellation of new and provocative works by four international artists, Eduardo Abaroa, Jedediah Caesar, Abraham Cruzvillegas, and Thomas Kiesewetter, all of whom merge a complex array of materials with a deep-rooted modernist aesthetic, underlining a post conceptualist understanding of structure and form. The relationship between materiality and intention takes on new meaning as each of these four artists address issues of space, production technique and conceptual concerns within the framework of their own chosen materials.

The works are often whimsical, and yet embedded within that whimsy is the suggestion of a darker, more scrupulous sensibility. Eduardo Abaroa’s sculptural works are delightful and loose, and stand as a prime example of a kind of lusty excessiveness. Jedediah Caesar’s works are strange hybridized creatures, part animal, part furniture that are both elegant and fantastical. Abraham Cruzvillegas’ works have been described as “performance-based conceptual pieces” that question the very impulse to create an object, and serve to investigate a multiplicity of posited relationships between objects and the environment.  Thomas Kiesewetter’s work also attests to the strange and unexpected associations that arise in the process of creating, to both confound and entice the viewer.

The artists in this exhibition are perfectly at home within the ever-shifting, vertiginous landscape of the modernist aesthetic, and are not afraid to explore the odd and often unexpected synchopations that happen in the wake of creation.

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New Sculpture