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Microcosm (n.) c.1200, mycrocossmos(modern form from early 15c.), "human nature, man viewed as the epitome of creation," literally "miniature world," from Middle French microcosme and in earliest use directly from Medieval Latin microcosmus, from Greek mikros "small" (see mica) + kosmos "world" (see cosmos). General sense of "a community constituting a world unto itself" is attested from 1560s. Related: Microcosmic. A native expression in the same sense was petty world (c. 1600). Existing at the intersection of sculpture, painting, assemblage, and installation, “Microcosm” unfolds asa single real place that juxtaposes several spaces. We enter thegallery-site into a sphere of different environments, occupied by works ofvarying contributions of scale, medium, and intention. These varied intricacies invite usto delve into the intersections and respective mirroring betweenthe microcosm and the macrocosm-the junctures between scared and forbidden spaces, utopias and heterotopias, the mythic and the real.