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Presented for  the  first  time  in  the  United  States, Gary  Hill's Observaciones   Sobre   los   Colores (1998)   was filmed  and  produced  in  Caracas,  Venezuela  and subsequently smuggled out the same year. Observaciones  Sobre  los  Colores consists  of  a single  video  projection  in  which  a  boy  reads  a Spanish translation of Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Colour, Part 1(1951), consisting of 88 segments, in real  time  over  a  period  of  78  minutes.Hill provided  a  modified  version  of  the  book  with  all  proper names, philosophical terms and scientific language replaced with phonetically spelled versions. A reaction to Goethe's Theory of Colours (1810), Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Colour remains famously impenetrable on  account  of  its  complex  fragmentation;  despite  great  effort,  the  boy’s  reading  is laboriously  staggered  and  uncomprehending.  Unable  to  comfortably  understand  the  auditory  content, one’s attention shifts to the visual: a young boy with black hair clothed in a yellow shirt reading from a  white  book, superimposed  against  archival  footage produced  by  the  non-governmental  association Active  Citizenship  documenting the 2002 Venezuelan  protests  directly  against the  government  of President Hugo Chavez.