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New Photographic Portraits an exhibition of new works by Evan Trine continues the artists’s exploration into the mis/translation of information, taking traditionally “understandable”imagery – the portrait - and transforming what we see into a median color. Single color grids, Evan’s “portraits”  of  himself  and  others,  is information  at  its simplest; the  history  of  portraiture reduced and condensed into a monochromatic formal abstraction. In this portrait series, Trine has selected existing images of himself, friends, and family, and compresses them into  a  single  pixel. By  eschewing  traditional  darkroom  chemistry  for  digital  processes,  the  formal,  conceptual and  technical  aspects  of  photography  transfer  to  the  work.Trine’s  optical  flattening  creates  a  limited  visual vocabulary, effectively isolating the accuracy of image’s referential source, folding it into its predominant color.