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Aptly titled, The Body Cavity Inspection Network (and other abstract aberrations), the works that comprise this exhibition are superbly imaginative, deft and often times downright hilarious.  Eduardo Abaroa is not afraid to take risks with both material and content, and many of the sculptures in the show attest to a stalwart and tenacious vision that is at once humorous and socially relevant. In his piece, Suburban Individual Inversion Modules, sculptures made of clothes, doll houses and globes, Abaroa takes the highly recognizable and loaded image of the doll house, which is itself is a symbol of romanticized perfection, and turns it upside down, decorating it with a pair of oversized pants, which seem vaguely ridiculous and abstruse. Abaroa is also concerned with political issues and investigating the boundaries of human responsibility. In keeping with this interest, the doll house has a globe attached like an aberrant appendage to the side of the house, reminding one of Dorothy’s mislaid plans in the great OZ, only in this instance, the house represents the conscience of the world.

Installation Views

Eduardo Abaroa