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Hairdos of Defiance is a look into a microcosm of a fringe world, one where individuals engage in the act of retreat or refusal as a generative form of identity-making. Eschewing perfection for style, progenitors of the punk scene adopted the radical alterations of their bodies to signify their displeasure. Offensively deviant, the Mohawk evolved as style dependent on social context and determined by the historical moment; purposely assumed, it is both a mask and an act of masking.  This new collection of photos comes from twenty years of unmediated chance encounters with individuals sporting Mohawks, beginning from Templeton’s hyper-localized backyard of Huntington Beach and throughout the U.S. and Europe. Templeton’s method of photography is a result of blending his dedication with a down-to-earth approach to his subjects, akin to collecting city space, body, and identity in the context of real estate of presence.  A traditional photo show in an inventive installation, Hairdos of Defiance sets a scene. Its resemblance to a bedroom, complete with wall wood paneling and nontraditional hanging, positions the exhibited work in the context of its natural habitat - studios, homes - to form a deeply confessional self-portrait of the objects within.