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Roberts & Tilton is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, The Emperor’s New Clothes, an installation of new videos, maps, photographs and actions by Dispute Resolution Services.

Dispute Resolution Services is a consensus collective formed in 1992 to realize the communal quality of art making and to detach agitation from systems of finality.  The collective turns out interventions into the functional semiotic systems of asocial space in order to actualize potentialities as yet trapped in virtual circuits.  This is not with the intent of being somehow subversive and oppositional but as a way of prying open the capitalist machine.  

Dispute Resolution Services demands more flows, and as such engages direct action as a means of unleashing becomings more nuanced and differentiated.  More singular and less subjectified. In no way does the collective desire to posture as the alternative and would rather activate imaginations than position themselves as an answer.  Ultimately, Dispute Resolution Services is irresponsible, and reserves the right to contradict themselves.