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Combining modern African Diaspora, the aesthetics of science fiction, urban vernacular, and the idioms of abstraction, David Huffman’s paintings interrogate the politics of race through the increasingly subtle yet potent iconography of the basketball. Huffman uses the basketball, a readymade ingrained with its own vocabulary, as both an abstraction and spectrum to gaugethe mutability of the present against the volatile presence of history. Space, which once served as a formal backdrop for his expanse-traveling “traumanauts”, is now foregrounded within a multi-layered environment of expressionistic markings punctuated with glitter, spray paint, paint and colored pencil. Huffman’s process of utilizing basketball hoop netting as a relief lends an alluring ephemeral quality to the surface. The dynamic interplay between textures, materiality, and movement highlights the tension between figuration and soft edged abstraction. The end resultsare paintings that exude the phenomena of light and pattern, and explore the metaphorical within interconnectedness.