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Bloodlines features fifteen artists who are exploring new territory across a wide spectrum of materials.  For example, painting, photography, sculpture, works on paper, sight specific installations and videos.  Bloodlines represents fresh and fascinating discoveries forming our perspective on art today.  This exhibition is not intended to be a definitive survey of current artistic practice, but will showcase a moment in the diverse and continually intricate artscene.

Bloodlines, as it’s title suggests, is about the integral and close relationships that occur around artistic practice from art schools, to instructors as practicing artists, critics, collectors, curators and peers.  Ultimately, all are undoubtedly linked through friendship, commonality of practice or philosophical and conceptual agreements.  Bloodlines focuses attention on the fact that in this day and age no artist is an island.   Artists include: Jay Batlle, Samara Caughey, Paul Cherwick, Michael Dee, Laura Howe, Charles Labelle, Dori La Vella, Rebecca Morris, Joel Morrison, Dwayne Moser, Richard Nielsen, Anthony Pearson, Dana Schutz, Keith Sklar and Mary Weatherford.

Installation Views