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Organized by Yael Lipschutz, Barbara McCullough's historic 1979 documentary Shopping Bag Spirits and Freeway Fetishes: Reflections on Ritual Space, an hour long video about the role of ritual in art, is presented in the project room. Through conversations with friends such as David Hammons, Senga Nengudi and Betye Saar, McCullough explores this elusive topic.  Set to the otherworldly Jazz of Don Cherry, Shopping Bag Spirits opens with a series of filmic fragments cut from McCullough’s avant-garde masterpiece Water Ritual #1: A Rite of Urban Purification (1979). Following this footage is David Hammons, who speaks about ritual while making an earthwork sculpture out of dirt and debris found in an empty city lot. Elsewhere artist Senga Nengudi performs Freeway Fetishes (1978), a piece in which she and six friends (including McCullough, Hammons, and Maren Hassenger) don nylon mesh headdresses underneath a freeway overpass and enact a ritualistic dance.  Other artists featured in the documentary are Kinshasha and Houston Conwill; the musical group Freedom in Expression; and poets such as K. Curtis Lyle, Raspoeter Ojenke and Kamao Daood. McCullough’s video closes with Betye Saar discussing how ritual informs her practice.