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This exhibition brings together an inspired selection of artworks focusing on artists deconstructing history, experience, and perspective, and the dialogue around painting and identity through contemporary portraiture. Dominic Chambers explores historical narratives around race and representation through works on paper, paintings, and writing. In deeply psychological paintings, Chambers builds a relationship between realism and imagery to center ideas of how and where to find joy. Wangari Mathenge’s highly stylized tableaux interrogates how self-identity is formed, expressed, and perceived across diverse cultural backgrounds. Often depicting people with whom she has significant relationships, she frequently paints small groups of individuals viewed from an interesting perspective, giving the feeling of insight into both subjects and circumstances. Alexander Diop’s large-scale portraits continue a journey exploring the transformative power of everyday objects while deconstructing structures of narrative and representation. Layering the canvas with paint, tar, straw, beads, fabric fragments and found objects, Diop creates an environment where both directed and intuitive interactions can occur. The work confronts and challenges and intervenes on how to modify oneself-or not-to take part of both culture and tradition. Seen together, the effect is strikingly bold. 

Opening Reception Saturday, November 13th, 4–7pm.

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