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Mia Middleton's (b. 1988 London, England; based in Portugal) pictorial works explore interiority, memory, and evocation. Middleton’s small-scale paintings capture a tension and threshold between conscious and subconscious, desire and aversion, reality, and fantasy. In these intimate freeze-frames, ephemeral moments are stripped of their context and suspended in time, intimating a narrative without creating one and inviting viewers into a psychological framework of uncertainty and discovery. Mia Middleton has exhibited widely internationally.

“I’m drawn to the patina of our internal worlds, the trail of memories and projections we drape over our experiences and the moments that expand or break with that trail. As such the visual language of my work is expansive and dreamlike, wavering between emotions, generations and chronologies. There is potency in the interpolation of primal and domestic, somatic and cerebral which I find myself drawn to and excited by. Each series begins with a slippery thought or feeling, a spectre of loss or desire, and the paintings become an exercise in meeting and working with that glimmer, as murky as it might be.”