A Festival of Rare and Hard To See Films
Organized by Aaron Rose
January 16 – February 20, 2010

Sadie Benning

It Wasn’t Love
1992, 20 minutes
Benning illustrates a lustful encounter with a “bad girl,” through the gender posturing and genre interplay of Hollywood stereotypes: posing for the camera as the rebel, the platinum blonde, the gangster, the 50s crooner, and the heavy-lidded vamp. Cigarette poses, romantic slow dancing, and fast-action heavy metal street shots propel the viewer through the story of the love affair. Benning’s video goes farther than romantic fantasy, describing other facets of physical attraction including fear, violence, lust, guilt and total excitement. As she puts it, “It wasn’t love, but it was something...” It was a chance to feel glamorous, sexy and famous, all at the same time. (Image copyright of the artist, Courtesy of Video Data Bank)
Tue. Jan 26

Bernadette Corporation

Get Rid Of Yourself
2003, 61 minutes
This complex, multi-layered work, called an “anti-documentary” by its authors, combines footage of rioting at the 2001 G-8 summit in Genoa with performances by Chloe Sevigny, Werner von Delmont and members of the Black Bloc anarchist group.
Wed. Feb 3

M. Blash

2002, 6 minutes
This film with with Lizzy Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance) and visual artist Rita Ackermann is from a series of shorts I made one summer in New York, which were based on some f’d up fever dreams I was having. I would wake up sweating just having had really weird heat induced dreams then make a film of them the following night. – M. Blash
Thu. Jan 21

Bruce La Bruce

Give Piece Of Ass A Chance
2007, 14 minutes
The third in a series produced by The Scandelles starring their alter egos, The Partistes. It shows the inception of these characters as a group of anti-war sex terrorists who kidnap a munitions heiress and fuckwash her using her family’s deadly legacy. GPAC pokes loving fun at the misguided but consequential anti-war, anti-bourgeois and feminist groups of the early ‘70s and ‘90s and the media’s natural obsession with their innate sexiness.
Fri. Feb 5

Brian Butler

Night Of Pan
2009, 7 minutes
A magician encounters the void that separates the human mind from divine consciousness and in turn faces the mad god. Featuring performances by Kenneth Anger and Vincent Gallo.
Thu. Feb 18

Thomas Campbell

Death In The Sea
2005, 5 minutes
Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy star in a loose reenactment of the event leading up to the death of John Denver. At the conclusion of the short, Bonnie Prince Billy delivers an intimate A cappella rendition of his song “Death In The Sea”.
Tue. Feb 9

Matt Clark

2009, 15 minutes
Passenger is inspired by the true story of a wild coyote that rode Portland’s MAX light rail commuter train in 2002.
Tue. Feb 2

Ira Cohen

ARTHUR Presents
The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda
1968, 30 minutes
Celebrated internationally for more than 35 years, Ira Cohen’s legendary 1968 film The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda is brought to you as a fully restored director’s cut. Featuring more than two hours of ritual hallucination and primordial sounds, Invasion is a psychedelic bullet to your third eye. Ira Cohen says: “It was in 1968, the year before Woodstock, between the giant bottle of liquid mercury Tony Conrad found in a doorway on 42nd St. and the Mylar chamber, we experienced a shared voyage conceived in three parts: The Opium Dream, Shaman and Heavenly Blue Mylar Pavilions, an alchemical journey born of out common consciousness-culminating in the akashic bindu drop swirling in the sky’s reflected azure. No minimalism here, but a maximalist adventure . . .” Made possible by Arthur Magazine in collaboration with The Ira Cohen Akashic Project and Universal Mutant.
Sat. Jan 23

Roman Coppola & Bucky Fukumoto

10 Things You Can Do To The Earth (According To Satan)
2007, 2 minutes
A wonderful short animation with just a few little hints that anyone of us can easily put to some use in everyday life. Directed by Roman Coppola and Bucky Fukumoto. Written by Roman Coppola, Bucky Fukumoto and Eric Normington. Music by Carlos at Music Friends. Voices: Eric Normington, Jennifer Krasinski, Rebecca Rose Perkins.
Thu. Feb 4

Bill Daniel

Who Is Bozo Texino?
2005, 56 minutes
This spectacular travel adventure faithfully photographed in realistic black and white film at considerable risk from speeding freight trains and in secret hobo jungles in the dogged pursuit of the impossibly convoluted story of the heretofore untold history of the century-old folkloric practice of hobo and railworker graffiti and the absurd quest for the true identity of railroading’s greatest artist will likely amuse and confound you in its sincere attempt to understand and preserve this art form.
Wed. Jan 27

Cheryl Dunn

Could It Be That It Was All So Simple Then
2009, 5 minutes
Could It Be That It Was All So Simple Then is a dreamy juxtaposition of past and present of a girl seemingly passed out on a club floor with idealized childhood dance recital footage. Dreams, aspirations, the fragile sexualized line between little girl and young woman and the harsh beat down of life are themes explored.
Wed. Feb 10

Devin Flynn

Y’All So Stupid
2008, 60 minutes
An animated non-sequitur romp through your subconscious backyard that is held together by strands of raw humor. You may spend time with gang members and end up inside of a cell, not jail, but a skin cell on the tongue of a homeless man. “Watching an episode of Devin Flynn’s Y’all So Stupid is like looking into the fabric that holds together each and every atom.”
Wed. Feb 17

Jean-Luc Godard

Slow Motion
1980, 85 mins
Slow Motion, a pessimistic but visually stunning film, presents a few days in the lives of three people. This complex film is often closer to an essay than a story; it uses slow motion and experimental techniques to explore questions of love, work, and the nature of cinema. Slow Motion was Godard’s first film with his frequent collaborator Anne-Marie Miéville, who edited and co-wrote the film.
Tue. Feb 16

Liz Goldwyn

Underwater Ballet w/ LA At Night
2008-2009, 6 minutes
Underwater Ballet shows a lone woman in an underwater universe dances to a strange and haunting tune. Obsessed, possessed by the music, she glides throughout her galaxy. A million burnt-out stars float endlessly in the atmosphere. She is of the sea and the earth and the heavens at once, finally at peace in her resting place. LA At Night chronicles a digital billboard project featuring images at night from the Underwater Ballet film, a love letter to Los Angeles.
Thu. Jan 28

Jo Jackson

2006, 3 minutes
An animated film consisting of drawings of mathematical arrangements standing for unquantifiable human despondence.
Tue. Jan 19

Chris Johanson

Encinitas Realization
1999, 3 minutes
This is my first movie. It’s a self help film about individuality and what individuals pick and choose from society and culture to make our uniqueness. Although there is some tongue in cheek humor energy in the film, it is none the less about issues that I think are very serious and more than humorous. - Chris Johanson
Tue. Jan 19

Spike Jonze

We Were Once A Fairytale
(Starring Kanye West)
2009, 14:26 minutes
“What happened to you last night?”
“Umm...I don’t know.”
“Where did you go? We waited for you for a while?”
“I don’t know...I don’t really want to talk about it.”
“Where did you end up?”
“Fuck! I said I didn’t want to talk about it... My head hurts. I’m gonna go lay down. I’ll call you tomorrow.”
Sat. Jan 16 @ 8:00, Sat. Jan 23 @ 4:00, Sat. Jan 30 @ 4:00, Sat. Feb 6 @ 4:00, Sat. Feb 13 @ 4:00, Sat. Feb 20 @ 4:00

Miranda July

The Amateurist
1998, 14 minutes
A “professional” woman monitors an “amateur” woman (both played by July) via video surveillance, as she has for the last four and a half years. She has never had direct contact with the amateur, but creates a sense of communion through numbers, knobs and careful language. A captivating video about surveillance, identity, watching, and being watched, The Amateurist slides along the edges of horror and satire to create an unsettling portrait of a woman on the brink of a technologically driven madness. “The Amateurist alternately adores and rejects three familiar tropes: the sick and examined woman, the starlet/stripper, and the genius/talentless woman. (Image copyright of the artist, Courtesy of Video Data Bank)
Fri. Feb 19

Harmony Korine

O’Salvation Presents
Mac And Plak
2009, 20 minutes
Mak And Plak is set in an anonymous basement where two Siamaese brothers berate each other over and over while a man with a prosthetic face masturbates and attempts to have sex with a refrigerator. Chaos ensues. Constructed from outtakes from Korine’s most recent feature film, Trashhumpers.
Sat. Jan 30

Maximilla Lukacs & Sarah Sophie Flicker

Lay Down Lean
2006, 7 minutes
Based on the poem “Recuerdo” by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Starring Karen Elson, Zooey Deschanel and Sarah Sophie Flicker. Produced by The Belles of the Black Diamond Field. Cinematography and Editing by Maximilla Lukacs. Styling by Leith Clark. Lighting Design by Dan Estabrook. Hair and Make Up by Jorgee Douglass. Titles by Christy-Claire Katien. Sound Mix by Thom Monahan
Sat. Feb 13

Sandy Toes
2009, 3:18 minutes
A short film created for the event “Thought Forms and Parallelograms” an evening of visual music with Linda Perhacs and friends. Presented by Draw Pictures and Dublab. “Sandy Toes” performed by Linda Perhacs from the album Parallelograms. Cinematography Ashley Connor. Dancer Jessica Babcock. Dress by Miss KK. Shot on one roll of 16mm film in Big Sur, CA.
Sat. Feb 13

Matt McCormick

The Problem With Machines (That Communicate) “Sometimes Technology Just Blurs The Meaning Of Things”
2008, 13 minutes
The Problem With Machines That Communicate is a short experimental narrative that examines three lonely characters interacting with technology in a world that otherwise doesn’t seem to pay attention to them. Don is a custodian who is never taken seriously, George is a very old man exploring the vivid detail of the world around him, and Hazel is an office worker who is desperate to engage in real conversation. But while each struggle with traditional forms of communication, the inadvertent by-products of their loneliness produces entirely new, abstract forms of communication.
Thu. Feb 11

Jonas Mekas

A Letter From Greenpoint
2005, 80 minutes
The film follows legendary filmmaker Jonas Mekas, as he sets up a new life in Brooklyn, after living for the past 30 years in the center of Manhattan’s art scene. Mekas quit his overstuffed Broadway home for Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The film tracks Mekas’s steps into his new life: singing along to the radio - Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone,” - or killing off a bottle of wine in his new (and similarly cluttered) abode; teasing his young sidekick (the actor Benn Northover) who gushes obsessively over the singer Norah Jones; chatting up the hipsters and old-timers alike who flock to the local taverns; capturing street scenes at skewed angles that always catapult the viewer into the next episode.
Fri. Feb 12

Mike Mills

1996, 1 minute
A man and a song in a Los Angeles donut shop. Our subject reflects on his life, his accomplishments, his failures. A touching and deeply revealing look at humanity.
Fri. Jan 29

Alia Raza

The Fragile White Blossoms Emit A Hypnotic Cascade Of Tropical Perfume Whose Sweet Heady Odor Leaves Its Victim Intoxicated
2009, 28 minutes
Inspired by the note of decay that punctuates the smell of night-blooming white flowers, a series of videos whose theme is the undercurrent of anxiety inherent in the presentation of the self. Featuring Devendra Banhart, Patrik Ervell, Kim Gordon, Jena Malone, Margherita Missoni, and Chloe Sevigny.
Sat. Feb 6

Aaron Rose

Become A Microscope (90 Statements on Sister Corita)
2009, 22 minutes
Sister Corita (1918-1986) was a teacher, political activist and possibly one of the most innovative and unusual pop artists of the 1960’s. Become A Microscope: 90 Statements on Sister Corita, directed by Aaron Rose is a 20-minute documentary film shot on location in 2009 on the campus of Immaculate Heart in Los Angeles. The film serves as a living, breathing document of the inspiration she spread to so many people throughout her life...and as the title suggests, the importance of looking at the world “small pieces at a time”.
Sat. Feb 20

Becky Stark

2009, 10 minutes
Califunya is a television variety show directed and written by Los Angeles based artist and singer-songwriter Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond, The Decemberists). The show has been described as an episodic “peace comedy” featuring a revolving ensemble cast of guest stars including Miranda July, Tunde Adebimpe, Ron Rege Jr., Mia Doi Todd, Ariana Delawari, Josh Fadem and others. The show is art directed by visual artists Jim Drain and Alia Penner.
Fri. Jan 22

Brent Stewart

The Dirty Ones
2008, 11 minutes
Alienating, stylish fiction produced by Harmony Korine about two Mennonite sisters whose car breaks down somewhere in the southern USA. Starring Rachel Korine, Raven Dunn, John Ranieri, Margaret Stewart, Zamvel Oyvetsky. Music by Grouper.
Sat. Jan 30

Lawrence Weiner

A Bit Of Matter And A Little Bit More
1976, 23 minutes
The male/female, subject/object investigation in A Bit Of Matter And A Little Bit More has no titillating introduction; the appetite is not whetted beforehand. Hardcore, the opening shot, shows the crotch areas of a male and female body engaged in coitus. At the end of the tape a male voice says, “Some questions and five answers relative to moved pictures, five questions and some answers relative to moved pictures—”
Wed. Jan 20

Autumn De Wilde

Crippled Satellite
2010, 3 minutes
Cometae is a moon creature made of ice and dust. She’s made her home in the center of a comet hurtling through space. Her enemy is a crippled satellite. Will she reach the Moon?
Fri. Feb 19

Tobin Yelland

Thorn And Toad
1998, 3 minutes
Thorn And Toad tells two sides of a story about a street fight. Filmed on grainy Super 8, the film features cuts between two interviews. One interviewee had been beaten badly and had bruises to show for it. The other interviewee had issued the beating. Both of them tell their side of the story.
Tue. Jan 19